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Whether you call them Twitter hacks, Twitter tips or anything else, there are plenty of different things you can do to make the most of your time on Twitter.  And with the speed of Twitter, things are less complex, less ‘algorithmic’ than they are on Facebook.  So to help inspire us all to do more on Twitter, here are 11 of my favourite Twitter hacks that I’ve found around the internet.

1.      Add videos via the Twitter app

I’m still trying to get my head around video – I’m not a natural at being on camera.  But there’s no doubt that video is big on Facebook and it is also huge on Twitter.  In fact, some experts say that Twitter are putting their future into video so there’s little doubt it is something I’m going to have to conquer.  And here’s another fact – 25% of US marketers use video ads on Twitter already, with this figure likely to increase.  Plus, users don’t see video or video ads as being intrusive.

2.      Add more than one image per Tweet

You may have noticed when you upload a tweet, you can add more than one image.  In fact, you can add up to four and if you can, you should.  Okay, you don’t want to fill your feed with pointless photos just to say you have four per tweet.  But if you have more than one picture in a post or have a cluster of shots from an event, a meal or anything else, then use them with your tweets.

3.      Make use of Twitter analytics

How do you know if your tweets are working?  Simple – you use Twitter’s analytics alongside thing like Google Analytics.  Personally, I have a simple spreadsheet on Airtable where I record the stats that Twitter offer including the most popular tweet of the month, what it contained and how many impressions it got.  It is always good to track things and look for patterns – compare the figures to your overall GA stats too.

4.     Make use of Twitter search operators

Searching for stuff on Twitter is one of the basic tips that you learn.  But you can get more out of that search bar with the use of search operators as well as the Advanced Search.  Some examples include:

  • This or that – tweets that contain this or that or both
  • Social -media – tweets that contain social but not media
  • From:name – tweets send from a specific handle

Then there’s Advanced Search which isn’t available on mobile, only desktop.  There’s a whole lot more features available on it.

5.      Watch the best time to Tweet information

While you can spread out your tweets and send them even when you are in bed, it can be a good idea to check when the best time to tweet is for your account and focus your most important stuff then.  There are tools to help with this including Tweroid which works out when your most popular tweets are.

6.     Send a tweet multiple times

Another reason that Twitter is less stressful than Facebook is that you don’t have to worry as much about sharing content multiple times.  In fact, stats show you can happily share the same piece of content for five days in a row – just send it at different times to catch different people.  There’s a slim chance that the same people are going to see it more than once.

7.      Hack into Twitter Moments

I’ve not used Twitter Moments that much myself but the guys at Sprout Social recommend giving it a try.  The idea of it is to show a snapshot from the latest stories around the world and what’s popular at the moment.  And it can allow Twitter users to see your content even if they don’t follow you.  The key to doing it is to create an editorial calendar that includes popular events and holidays and create content for it then promote before and on the day to have a chance of being involved in Moments.

8.     Try promoting a top Tweet

If you notice a tweet is doing well and attracting attention plus it is sending people to your site, why not promote it and get a little more from it?  Content that is already successful organically is a good candidate for a promoted tweet and you don’t need to spend a fortune to see some results.  Just track what you do and keep a note of your results to compare for future promotions.

9.     Take a break with Sleep Settings and use Night Mode

Just because Twitter is always on, doesn’t mean you need to be.  In fact, if you don’t want to get burnout from the constant stream of information, it is important you take a break.  That’s where sleep settings and night mode come in.  These are easy settings on your account that prevent anything being sent to your phone or device.

Go into settings then under mobile, add your mobile number and get a confirmation code.  Then go into sleep settings and turn off updates during these hours – just select the hours you don’t want to receive notifications.  Save the changes and no more midnight alerts that wake you and make you want to tweet.

You can also use night mode if you are an evening tweeter to help make the small, bright screen less painful on your eyes.  On the menu under settings and privacy select display and settings and turn on night mode.  Instant dark screen with light text.

10.  Try a Brand Hashtag

There’s lots of information on your analytics for Twitter and through outside sources.  But for a simple glimpse at who’s mentioning your brand, retweeting your content or talking about you, create a brand hashtag.  So I might create one #bloggingblog for my blog (although that might be a bit general) or I might use my business name #skylarkvirtualservices and I can quickly see all tweets and retweets featuring that.

11.  Monitor results with tools

Monitoring what works is very important, I mentioned analytics before.  You can also get tools to help you monitor what’s working for your competition and see if you can use this for inspiration for your own efforts.  Top of any list for this is Buzzsumo and there’s a lot you can do for free on this platform.  Google is always your friend and you can get tons of information through paid tools like Sprout Social as well.

Get tweeting

Twitter is often seen as a bit of the poor relation to Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest.  But it is a good site with a lot of great features and some of these Twitter hacks can help you make the most of it.  And maybe even start enjoying tweeting again!

What’s your favourite thing about Twitter?  Or do you have any Twitter hacks of your own?  Hit the comments below and let me know!