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If you ask a blogger about the benefits of a blog, they will list a wide range of things – the chance to tell the world about your passions, what you think about a topic or educate others.  However, when you start talking to companies about the benefits of a business blog, they can become a little uncertain because the focus is different.  After all, a company might have a passion but it is most likely based around products or services they offer.  So what are the benefits of a business blog to companies large and small?

Personal versus business blogging

It’s true that the motivation behind writing a blog for your business is different to writing a blog personally.  Most people start a blog about a topic they are enthusiastic about and want to share it with the world.  They may aspire of making their blog into a business and making money from it or they may simply want to do it for the love of blogging.

For businesses, on the other hand, the business blog is motivated by the urge to spread word of the company and what it does.  When you decide to create a business blog, you will usually have some goals in mind such as generating traffic for the website, bringing in new leads, finding potential customers or simply increasing brand recognition.  These goals motivated the blog content.

Starting a business blog

In fact, these goals are a good place to start when you plan to create a business blog because it can help guide what you create and also where you promote it – and there’s no doubting that the promotion aspect is every bit as important as the creation.

The facts show that websites with a blog get 434% more indexed pages and 55% more visitors than websites without them.  So if your goal is to generate traffic, new leads, sales or anything of this nature, then starting a business blog is a crucial step.  Further to this, 81% people trust information that they find on a blog and a huge 61% of people have made a purchase based on a blog recommendation.

Sometimes the benefits can be a little subtler:

  • 60% of consumers view a company more positively after reading a blog
  • 82% of consumers enjoy reading content that is relevant from a business
  • 70% of consumers find out that a business existing through articles as opposed to ads

Bringing in the traffic

And how does a blog help to achieve all these things?  Because it increases the company’s profile on search engines such as Google and improves the website’s overall SEO profile.  Let’s say you sell dog harnesses for small dogs and have a range of products that are breed specific.  Consumers might find you by typing in the name of your company, maybe if a friend has recommended them.  But most likely, they would find you by searching for your product.

This means if they are searching for a new harness for a Yorkshire Terrier, then they have a good chance of finding you.  That’s assuming they know that you call your product a harness and not a leash.  But if they search for a Yorkie leash, then they won’t find you.

However, if you have a business blog that covers various topics including the difference between a harness and a leash, you can catch those people searching for a leash and educate them on a harness.  This might then lead to them sign up for your mailing list with its 20% off your first purchase coupon.  And in turn, down the line or maybe even straight away, they might buy your harness.

This is just a made-up example of a real process that happens.  The more content you have your website that is high quality, relevant and created with solid SEO principles, the more traffic you get.  More traffic equals more leads and equals more customers.

Social media benefits

Let’s face it, every business knows they need a social media presence these days but with vexing algorithms and massive competition, making the most of your presence can be tricky.  If you just promote your products or services endlessly, then your audience will start ignoring you and then the websites will do the same.

However, by using blog content to fill your social media profiles with useful, entertaining or interesting information, you can engage your audience and also lead them down the road to potential customer status.  There’s more to it than just posting your blog posts all the time and that’s a chat for another day but by having a blog, you have different content to share and something to offer social media fans.

Don’t fall behind

Most big businesses have a blog today – some use in-house writers for the content while others use freelance content writers to create the content they need (I know this because that’s what I do).  In fact, many businesses of all sizes, including small and solopreneurs are turning to the importance of the business blog and realising that there’s no time like the present to get started.  After all, if everyone else if doing it, you are missing out by not and if you can be the first in your industry, a pioneer, then you are ahead of your competition.

How to blog for business

Creating a blog for your business might sound like an overwhelming task that is simply too much to do on top of everything else.  Then I have one word for you – WordPress.  If you already have a website for your business then it is pretty simple to have a blog as well and WordPress is one of the easiest ways to do this.  It is often said to be the best blog platform for small business blogs and gives you plenty of space to grow too.

Of course, you don’t have to go for WordPress and there are other platforms available but there’s a lot going for it.  The main one of these is that it is very easy to set up a blog on through your domain or to start a domain for the project.  You choose a theme, add some essential plugins, put a few branding elements into place and create a few categories.  Then you can start creating (or have someone create) those blog posts.

Now don’t expect a sudden rush of traffic and hundreds of new customers – the days of instant results are long gone.  But by creating and regularly updating a business blog, you will establish your presence on the internet.  You will start to create brand recognition, add to your social media presence and can begin to complete goals such as building an email list, adding leads and selling more products or services.

You never know, you may even find you love blogging once you start!

Do you have a blog for your business?  Or have you been considering starting one but have been put off for some reason?  I’d love to hear how you are getting on!