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This is a guest post from Josh, Community Manager at Website Builder 
During the last couple of years, blogging has gained a lot more popularity, considering the fact that nowadays, more and more people are keen on writing and sharing their opinion on various subjects with the world. Regardless of niche, chances are that as a blog owner, you must have thought about ways to secure an income from writing and running your website- while not easy at first, this is definitely doable and worth the time investment.
If you want to turn your blog into an active business and starting making money from blogging, there are a few avenues and some basic marketing tactics you need to master. Pin for later
With a few tips from a cool infographic created by the folks behind Website Builder, we have compiled a couple of methods, tips and tricks that you can take into consideration, to better facilitate the process of turning your blog into an active business.

Sources of revenue

To put things better into perspective, here are few of the most common methods that you can use to gain revenue from your blog:
–          Selling merchandise with the blog’s logo
–          Asking for donations from readers
–          Participating in various affiliate programs
–          Showcasing ads on your blog
–          Selling either products and services that you provide
–          Offering a subscription model for accessing the blog, or getting premium content

Basic marketing

You will quickly find that regardless of the method that you end up choosing, earning a decent revenue is difficult unless you have great traffic, so that’s where your focus needs to shift to at first. A few methods that you can take into consideration to boost the performance of your blog, and therefore increase your traffic include:
1.       Social Media Marketing
With a few billion users across all social media platform, and more than a handful of smart promotion strategies via these channels, social media can turn out to be one of the best ways of promoting your blog, to people from all around the world, interested in the same niche. Create a Facebook page, create a Twitter page, you should even create a Google Plus page. Just make sure that you post quality content, pictures and videos often enough to keep your followers interested.
2.       Video marketing
At this moment in time, the size of the video sharing industry is simply massive! With over 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, billions of total video views per day, alongside with millions of comments and likes, using video to further promote your blog is bound to have a positive impact. Not only this, but in the future, 75% of mobile traffic will be video by 2020, and in the same year, for every second, a million minutes of videos will be uploaded onto the internet.
3.       Branding
Last but not least, we have branding. While this isn’t a marketing strategy on its own, it is essential to a successful blog. Without a brand, you are one of the many, left without an identity, and without loyal visitors and possible customers.
Based on everything that has been outlined so far, by taking these tips into consideration, you will surely be able to turn your blog into a business, and therefore get revenue following the time that you have invested.