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What is Blogger Outreach and How Can You Use It?

Written by Angela Tempest

February 24, 2019

There’s no shortage of metrics to use to measure how well your blog is doing.  You could look at Facebook followers or how many people like your Instagram posts.  You could check out how many page views you get.  All of these are okay, but there are more important metrics to check – the ones that actually drive traffic to your website.  That means SEO (well, and Pinterest) and that also means link building.

At one time, that meant all kind of weird ways to get those links.  Some would be fairly straightforward like asking someone to link to your post.  Others were far less clean and neat and best left alone.  One tactic that has evolved and remains a good way to build those links is called blogger outreach.

What is blogger outreach?

The idea of blogger outreach is that a company or individual is looking for exposure for their product or service.  They leverage the influence of another blogger or social media influencer in return for either money, a product or something else. 

It is also a form of influencer marketing – you are using your influence with your audience to showcase a company’s product or service.

As a company or blogger looking to work with an influencer, the process of finding the right person, making an approach, negotiating and all of that other fun stuff can be a bit daunting.  But the results are clear and even for smaller companies with a limited budget, there are ways that blogger outreach can work for you.

Blogger outreach services

The way that this process can easily work for companies of all sizes is due to blogger outreach services.  These are third party companies who work to pair up influencers and companies to help them both get what they need.

Rather than having to do all of that work to pair your company with an influencer, you can use a specialist network to do it for you.  These websites will have people who sign up because they are interested in writing content for brands that they think their audience will be interested in.  Pay scales are laid out so both parties know what they will have to pay or what they will receive, and it is all clear about rules and regulations.

For bloggers

What about if you are a blogger looking to make a little extra money while writing about topics that your audience would be interested in?  Then you can sign up as the other half of the deal on such blogger outreach sites.

For example, I’ve used Get Blogged recently.  They have a clear pay scale based on the DA of your website.  Each post is categorised by the type of niche it is for and there’s no requirement to apply for anything you don’t want to.  You put in a simple application outlining why you are a good fit and what you would create content about and they let you know.

Once the post is live, you submit the link through the website and if everything is okay, you get paid – very quickly.  I think the last time I wrote a post I had the post reviewed and the money in my PayPal account within a couple of hours.

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Rather than having to do all of that work to pair your company with an influencer, you can use a specialist network to do it for you

Benefits for all

There’s no doubt that there are benefits for all when it comes to blogger outreach.  While you can do it manually, approaching influencers or pitching sponsored post ideas to companies yourself, networks can also take a lot of work out of the process.  You get reliable results, have an experienced intermediary to help out and this makes it an ideal way to start with influencer marketing or making money blogging.

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