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BuzzSumo Release New Study into What and When to Post on Facebook

Written by Angela Tempest

January 7, 2019

Did you know that it has been 12 months since Facebook changed to the new algorithm which put emphasis on engagement and killed the reach of many Pages?  And since then, declining organic traffic is something that most businesses have experienced.  So when a company like BuzzSumo conduct a study of over 770 million posts in 2018 to see what and when to post on Facebook, it is worth looking at the highlights!

Video still tops the charts

The first takeaway is no surprise – video still tops the charts for engagement.  In fact, their study showed that it averages 59% more engagement than other types of post.  Their recommendation from it is that video content should account for 70% of what a business creates with 20% image posts and 10% link posts (that’s a lot of video!)

  • The good news is that there are lots of ways to make video and you don’t need to be stuck in front of the camera all of the time.  Optimal length for the video is 180-200 seconds (3 minutes) so the content doesn’t need to be a mini-documentary either.

Evening shades posting times

Posting times are a tricky proposition.  For me, I’m in the UK but half of my audience is in the US and Canada, so my evening is their afternoon!  But studies show that for the audience in general, the evening is the time with the most engagement.  There are solid reasons for this including people being at home to look at content, fewer postings as businesses tend to post during the day and people being more receptive as they scroll to relax.

Weekends are good for engagement

Interestingly, businesses got the most engagement from their posts on weekends.  This is like posting time and is a bit speculative with time zones but shows that people are more likely to engage with stuff on a weekend, usually while relaxing or not at work.

Short and sweet

The temptation to include lots of content in every post seems to be one to avoid.  The most popular posts were between 1-50 characters.  Of course, it is always worth trying this and adding the odd longer post to see how it works as there were still plenty of people engaging with content that was 300+ characters in length.

Pin for later!

The temptation to include lots of content in every post seems to be one to avoid.  The most popular posts were between 1-50 characters.

Test and track

With the changes being 12 months old, you would think we would have some firm ideas about what works best on Facebook.  But with all the tweaks going on the background, it is always an ongoing case of test and track.  I’d love to hear what worked well for you in 2018!

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