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CES 2019 – What New Tech is Coming This Year?

Written by Angela Tempest

January 6, 2019

The CES trade show is one of the biggest names in tech and it is the place where some of the most revolutionary gadgets, gizmos and software have been previewed.  Think the VCR, the OLED and even Android tablets to name a few.  This year the event is again happening in Las Vegas and what has caught the eye of the experts that we in the digital business world might be able to use in 2019?

AI assistants

There is no escaping AI assistants such as Alexa and Siri and if CES 2019 is anything to go by, they are only going to become more prevalent in our lives.  Some companies are creating their own versions of the popular smart assistants while others are concentrating on making skills or actions for existing ones.

Some of the new features said to be on their way including smart speakers that track the location of your pet or tell you where the TV remote is hiding (definitely going for that one).  Plus you can use AI to control everything from lawnmowers to meditation lamps, pianos to bike helmets.

Samsung is said to be bringing a new Galaxy Home speaker that is run by Bixby, their AI while a German startup has created Chris, a virtual helper for use in your car.  There was even gadget called Volareo that let you buy Bitcoin and stream any video to a connected TV.

Finally, speakers with radar systems will know you are approaching.  They could then tell you what reminders are on your list when you are home and will even know how loud to speak based on how far away you are from them!

Kitchen tech

For kitchen tech, you can also read ‘home office kitchen tech’ for some of us – because there’s nothing nicer than the idea of your own coffee machine in your home office!  And the coffee machine is just the start.  Nespresso’s pod-based machines have given rise to a host of new ideas including Yomee, where you add milk and a pod to create yoghurt and Mitte that passed water through different cartridges to infuse specific minerals.

Other gadgets will help you understand and improve your diet – by taking a breathalyser type gadget.  This looks at the carbs and fats being burned by studying how much carbon dioxide is in your breath.  Then it makes food recommendations based on this.

Smartphones and computers

Some experts were predicting the showcasing of flexible smartphones at CES 2019, but this was downgraded to some lesser-known companies releasing their versions.  Samsung has already previewed their foldable Galaxy X but is said to be waiting for the Mobile World Congress next month to show it off.

But there were still some interesting devices.  The Intel dual-screened Windows PC was one that caught some experts eye – it has two touchscreen panels that work together as one single, large display or one can be a keyboard or scribble pad.

Mobile Pixels also showed their Duo, which adds a second display to the back of the main one which can be slid out to extend or aimed backwards to show off what the user is doing.

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Samsung is said to be bringing a new Galaxy Home speaker that is run by Bixby, their AI

Every changing tech

CES 2019 shows the world of ever-changing tech with new styles of car, bikes, drones and even smart beehives that protect the bees against destructive mites.  Here’s to seeing what we are using this time next year that was showcased in Las Vegas!

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