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Want to drive traffic by offering quality, relevant content to potential customers and build those relationship?
You know you need to build an online presence.  Having a website means getting traffic and this means signups for your email list, potential leads and clients.  But you have no idea what kind of content to create for your website.  There’s the blog section but it is a bit sparse or there’s just some stuff about the company – celebrating the new product launch, John’s 10-year anniversary.And that’s great because it is good to let customers know there are real people behind your company.  But that isn’t the kind of content that brings them to your website.  Instead, what you need to do is answer their questions, be in their heads.  You want to tell them what they need to know even if they didn’t realise they needed to know it.That’s where I can help.  Content marketing is about providing the content that your potential customers need to answer questions, offer inspiration and deal with problems they have.  By being the one who helps them, your business will begin building relationships that can turn them into customers, loyal customers and even raving fans.Content marketing for small businesses is a long-term project that is more cost-effective than traditional methods of advertising like TV and magazines.  But it takes time and when you are wearing all the hats in your business, you don’t always have that time.  That’s where I can help!So, let’s chat about your business, what your goals are and who your customers are – then we can see what kind of content might be ideal to help them and in turn, help you!

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Content marketing works

Content marketing generates three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less (source: Content Marketing Institute).  So your business can generate leads at a much lower cost by providing useful, interesting information for visitors

But isn't content shock a thing?

Yes there’s more content available than ever before but there are also more people searching for that content.  With the right blog posts and social media content, you can be the one providing those answers and building relationships with your customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a few questions?  Here’s the answers to the most common ones to start with!

How does it work?

We can chat via email, set up a Zoom call or even chat on Facebook messenger about what you need, what your aims are with the content and what you do.  I will then come up with some topic ideas and you pick from them.  I create the content and you add to your website.  Simple!

Where do you get ideas?

There are lots of ways to generate topics including through keyword research, using LSI keywords and competitor research.  I will use my experience to find ideas for your blog, taking into account any content you have and focuses you want to have.

Have you done this before?

Yes!  I’ve been a content creator and marketer for just over four years.  I have helped clients from around the world with the quality, relevant content that they need for their business, saving them time and improving their online presence.

Do you guarantee results?

No and you should be wary of anyone who does.  SEO, algorithms on social media, keyword trends, all of these are things beyond our control.  So I can’t guarantee you top spot on search rankings but I can guarantee great quality content.

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