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5 Top Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Written by Angela Tempest

January 2, 2019

Poor old email marketing – people have been predicting its death and doom forever now but still it keeps going.  And while email overload is a real thing (74 emails in one hour before Black Friday was my personal best or worst) stats still show that email marketing is a strong part of content marketing.  And that means it merits a little look into the future with the email marketing trends for 2019.

Proper personalisation

Personalisation isn’t a new idea with email marketing.  There are lots of clever ways to insert subscriber name and other little features.  But true personalisation is the aim of 2019 and that means using the data we have on subscribers to provide a unique and personal email experience.  That might mean using AI platforms, automating more of the work once you have laid the foundations.  And this also means that even the smallest business can get into this email marketing trend.

People buy more from mobile

We are all a bit addicted to our smartphones but when it comes to making the big purchases, many of us default to the desktop.  But this is something that marketing experts believe will change this year.  The growth of mobile average order value shows that people are buying more from their mobile and that means that subscribers may be more likely to buy even big ticket items straight from the phones.

More interactive content

I was always told to keep emails very basic and simple to reduce the chance that they are caught by spam filters.  But it seems this might not be the worry anymore with the importance of interactive content in emails.  This might be games, quizzes, carousels of images or even fun brand interactions.  The more people engage, the better the impression of the brand and therefore the more chance they will buy from you.

Quality above quantity

Personally, I would rather see one email full of value from a company once a week than one short, slightly pointless email every day.  And it seems this is a general email marketing trend as well.  Companies are creating highly valuable emails that go out less often and make use of features like segmentation and email verification to help ensure people see them.

Smart loyalty programs

This is probably one for the bigger companies but is still interesting – the use of smart loyalty programs promoted via email to engage customers and keep them coming back.  The smart part is in the understanding of what works for each email subscriber and like personalisation, ensuring they get what they want.  This might involve looking at what promotions they react to, what emails they click through on and what types of emails get them to open in the first place.

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Companies are creating highly valuable emails that go out less often and make use of features like segmentation and email verification to help ensure people see them.

Changing email marketing trends

Email turns 40 this year which is a staggering thought.  And while many people might think that it is no longer the best way to reach customers, there’s no doubt that it can’t be discounted.  Plus using the best smart tech makes it easier to really reach someone, rather than just broadcast to them.

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