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Facebook Group Invites – What’s Really Going On?

Written by Angela Tempest

January 23, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I have had a load of messages lately in groups telling me to comment on something to stay in the group.  Slightly baffled, I have commented on some and shrugged off others.  But it did make me wonder what was really going on the Facebook group invites?

Adding members

According to SocialMediaToday, what is actually going on isn’t about commenting to stay in a group.  Instead, it focuses on the former ability to add people to a group if you think they would like it without them actually asking you to.  Now, we have all seen this used in negative ways when you suddenly end up in a group that you have zero interest in.  Someone has added you, whether by thinking they are being helpful or for less charitable reasons – they want more people in their group.

So it turns out that Facebook had caught onto this and is changing things.  While people can simply remove themselves from the group, mute it or other steps, Facebook have decided to step in.

Removing members

What they are doing is removing members who have been added to a group – and never visited it.  These people will appear in the new ‘invited’ list on the group admin dashboard and if those people want to be in the group, they will need to manually accept the invitation and visit the group.  They won’t show in the overall member count of the group until they take this step – which is how some groups have seen dropping numbers.

Admins can also send one reminder to people who are added to the group to see if they want to join and prompt them to take the steps.  If not, they won’t be added.

Facebook group invites - Pinterest graphic

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What they are doing is removing members who have been added to a group – and never visited it. 

No more random updates

For me, this is a good step from Facebook although it might be easier to remove the function to add in the first place!  I’ve been added to groups for various reasons and rarely remained in them although others may have had better experiences.  But it does mean if you see one of those posts about commenting to stay in the group and you have already interacted with it (or joined it yourself) you don’t need to worry!

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