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Facebook IQ Release their Topics and Trends Report for 2019

Written by Angela Tempest

January 10, 2019

It is always good to get trend reports straight from the company’s themselves and that’s why Facebook IQ’s annual Topics & Trends Report is always worth a look.  So I did take a look and here’s the highlights that caught my eye.

What is Facebook IQ?

Facebook IQ is the insights unit that Facebook created in order to help marketers and other business users get the best out of the platform.  It studies how people use Facebook, how the advertising and marketing sides work and also how people interact with content on the app.  This all gets put together and they issue reports and regular emails that detail trends and predictions for the coming periods.  This Topics and Trends Report is their first for 2019, looking at the year ahead.

Commerce trends

One of the big trends that Facebook IQ highlighted for 2019 was the growth of everyday eco-products.  This means people are taking more notice of the impact they have on the planet and therefore are looking for eco-friendly options.  For businesses in this area, that’s a positive but also highlights an area than many of us could use in our blog – from eco-friendly garden to ways to recycle plastics and how to have a sustainable business, these themes are something we can all find ways to get involved with.

  • Influencer marketing also got a mention in the report and confirmation that it shows no sign of slowing.  Alongside social shopping, people are more and more turning to others to get advice, tips and recommendation but these are not necessarily big name celebrities but people they can associate with.

Tech trends

There’s no surprise that smart speakers got a mention from Facebook IQ.  In the US, 1 in 5 homes already has one and numbers are growing rapidly here in the UK too.  And the smart tech continues to get smarter allowing us to do more on voice command as well as integrating with more tech.  Also, the quality of sound from these speakers is becoming more important as people want quality along with multi-function.

Multiple screens is another tech trend that are coming to smartphones as well as desktops.  And this has extended to things like stationary bicycles that have workout classes streamed to the screen.  Or photography via remote cameras.  Built-in screens and connectable screens are a big trend for 2019.

Productivity trends

We are all more aware of our productivity, getting more done and that’s why productivity software saw a big rise in 2018.  That trend looks set to continue but also expand into mindfulness techniques and other non-tech ways of doing more.

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Facebook IQ is the insights unit that Facebook created in order to help marketers and other business users get the best out of the platform

Trends to follow?

The report also includes areas such as fashion, beauty, food and drink and travel, showing that Facebook IQ studies all of the things we do, business or leisure.  And if you want to grab a copy of the report yourself (which has lots of cool charts in it too) you can find it here.

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