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Facebook User Numbers Drop 10% (and People are Going to Pinterest)

Written by Angela Tempest

January 8, 2019

Facebook has for so long dominated the social media world that it becomes an automatic part of our marketing strategy, despite frustrations, problems and lousy organic reach.  But now it seems there is a shift away from Facebook and one of the winners is Pinterest.

Changing user numbers

In October 2018, Facebook announced they had reached 2.27 billion users which means almost one-third of the world’s population uses the platform actively.  And while this is a very impressive stat, it is interesting to see that their market share actually dropped by 10% last year from 76% of the market to 66%.  But where are those users going?

According to Forbes, the share of the market that Facebook lost was moving in a number of different directions but top of the list was Pinterest with 16.3% of the market share.  The total increases were:

  • Pinterest – 16.3%

  • Twitter – 8.2%

  • YouTube – 4.8%

  • Instagram – 1.8%

Tumblr and Reddit had shares around 1% of the market and the likes of LinkedIn and the now defunct Google+ were around 0.5%. 

Bounce back

Things were actually worse for Facebook during the year when it reached its lowest market share of 63% in June while YouTube reached a new high of nearly 10% in the same month.  In fact, in December 2017, it has a 76% market share, but this was down to 52% in December 2018.

And there are still differences regionally with social media use.  For example, 58% of people in the US use Facebook, 28% use Pinterest while in Europe 72% use Facebook and only 10% use Pinterest.  YouTube has the highest figures in Africa where just over 20% of people use the site.  Pinterest is the second most used app in the US and Europe while Asia and Africa prefer YouTube.

Pin for later!

Pinterest is the second most used app in the US and Europe while Asia and Africa prefer YouTube.

Marketing potential

All this means one thing for sure – Facebook isn’t going away but it is nowhere near the dominant force that it once was, especially in the US.  And my favourite Pinterest, which technically isn’t a social media site at all, is still the best place to market your online business – with that potential only set to grow in 2019.

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