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Written by Angela Tempest

January 21, 2019

Mention hashtags and most of us think of Instagram and Twitter.  They are a growing area on Pinterest and on Facebook too.  But what about LinkedIn?  Do you use them and if so, what’s the best approach?

Hashtags on LinkedIn

The first time that hashtags on LinkedIn were a thing was back in 2016 but they only worked on the mobile app.  You could tap them and see related content.  The following year they showed up on desktop, but it was still unclear what the strategy behind them was.  In 2018 there was talk of people being able to only post when they included a hashtag but that turned out to be just a short-term beta test.

At the moment, they are best approached in a similar way to Twitter, to help categorise content and connect it to other topics.  Hashtags can be clicked and bring a dedicated feed of content featuring them and that means people can search for them as well.

Profiles and company pages

Interestingly, hashtags work a little differently in profiles and company pages.  You can add them, but they aren’t clickable as they are when included in updates.  However, if someone searches for a hashtag and you have either the word, with or without the # symbol, it should show up in the results.

Tips for using hashtags on LinkedIn

There are two main things to do with hashtags on LinkedIn.  First, you can find relevant hashtags and use them to interact with others.  Second, you can add them to your content so people can search and find your stuff by its hashtag.

When you add a post straight to LinkedIn, you can either add the # to specific words in the update or add them at the end of the post.  If you are writing an article on their Pulse platform, you can add hashtags to the end of the article and also use them when you tell your network (publish) the article.

You can also pop them in comments to help make a post more discoverable and associate your comment with a topic.

Following hashtags

To find and follow a hashtag, simply search for it in the same way as any other term in the search bar.  Select the hashtag you are looking for and then there will be a ‘follow’ button in the corner.  Tap this and you will see the hashtag appear on the side of your main feed, under your communities and groups.

Best practice tips

As with all platforms, there are a few best practice tips to help you use hashtags without overusing them.

  1. Ensure your profile isn’t in private mode or the hashtags won’t show up
  2. There’s no limit but don’t use too many – think more Twitter than Instagram
  3. Consider using capitals at the start of each word of a hashtag such as #LinkedInMarketing to make them easy to read
  4. Add hashtags at least once during a sentence rather than just using hashtags or you could be marked as low quality or spammy
  5. Create a branded hashtag that only you use
  6. Don’t use a hashtag if you want to mention someone, use @name instead
  7. Test hashtags for the best ones to use

Pin for later!

When you add a post straight to LinkedIn, you can either add the # to specific words in the update or add them at the end of the post

The hashtag approach

Finding the best hashtag approach with LinkedIn is certainly simpler than on Instagram where you need a whole strategy just for them!  Don’t go over the top, use them smartly and ensure they are relevant and useful.  Then you can enhance your LinkedIn profile and make more connections.

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