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4 Clever Ways to Use Instagram Highlights for Business

Written by Angela Tempest

January 13, 2019

While Snapchat may lay claim to the original version of Stories, one of the standout features for users of Instagram is the Instagram Highlights feature.  But often business users don’t make the most of this feature so here are four clever ways to use Highlights for your business.

What are Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights were released in December 2017 and allow you to archive and display Stories.  The feature adds a new bar under your main profile area which contains these highlights and then you can pick and choose which Stories go into it.  You can create mini-collections of Stories that go together under a single title and each Highlight can contain up to 100 photos or videos.  Plus you can create an unlimited number of Highlights.

  • The feature also means that while Stories are available for the traditional 24 hours, they then move to the archive and you can select them from there to add to Highlights.  So that ephemeral content can become something useful over a much longer period.

Creating product collections

One clever way to use these Highlights is to create a collection of products.  If you sell products or even affiliate products you promote, you can collect together Stories and photos on the products and make a Highlight with them.  You could even add stuff to them over the year or have seasonal collections that expand as you create new content.

Best reviews

Because you can add photos as well as Stories to a Highlight, you can collect reviews and user generated content about your brand in one place.  Screen shots from your Facebook page, quick video comments that users have left or even reviews from websites like Yelp can all be added into a Highlight.


Another clever idea from Social Media Today is to use Instagram Highlights as a FAQs section.  Businesses often get the same questions repeatedly and these are often given a page on the website.  So why not make them into a quick Story and then add into a FAQs Highlight for more visual customers?

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes content is often a great way to build relationships and with Highlights you can do more.  You can add these pieces together with little snippets from your life as well as content from the workplace and create a real behind the scenes collection.

Pin for later!

The feature adds a new bar under your main profile area which contains these highlights and then you can pick and choose which Stories go into it

Highlight the best stuff

Highlights are a useful Instagram feature that allow you to choose what goes together and to form cohesive collections for your audience to enjoy.  They have clear marketing benefits too and can be used in clever ways to engage your customers and build your profile.

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