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LinkedIn Video – How to Use it

Written by Angela Tempest

January 1, 2019

When you run a business, LinkedIn is one of those sites you feel you need to be on, but it can seem a bit awkward.  You have to be professional and not share photos of cute cats or holiday videos.  But there’s a growing body of people who use the platform and if you are in B2B, then it is somewhere you need to go.  And just like all the others, LinkedIn video is a top way to market yourself there.  But how does it work?

LinkedIn Video – since when?

LinkedIn video was released in 2017 and the platform saw some 300 million impressions in the first 12 months.  Interestingly, there’s three times as much engagement with a video posted there as with a text post.  And their own results show that native LinkedIn video is five times more likely to create engagement and a conversation among users.

According to Hootsuite, some companies have been seeing some serious results from using it too.  One example, the Aberdeen Group, saw revenue increase 49% faster with video compared to companies that don’t use it.  But how does it work?

Types of video content

There’s three main options for LinkedIn video – embedded, native and video ads.

  • Embedded videos – these are where the video is hosted on somewhere like YouTube then you embed it onto LinkedIn.  This works but the second option is the best

    Native video – this is where you upload the video directly to LinkedIn.  Videos auto play to grab attention, a tactic that has seen 10 times more engagement since used on Facebook

    Video ads – you can also use video content in ads and these are ideal for things like brand awareness and lead generation.  Ads can be longer than native video, which is capped at 10 minutes, and can run for up to half an hour

Uploading a native video

It is also very simple to upload native video to LinkedIn, a three tsp process.  You can even record in in-app and then post it, add text or stickers – although this is for smartphone apps only, not on desktop.

For desktop, on the homepage click Share then hit the video icon and upload the video.  On the app, look for the share box (iOS) or the post button (Android) then tap the video icon.  Either record or upload the video and there you go.

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Interestingly, there’s three times as much engagement with a video posted there as with a text post.

What to share

There are four main types of content that LinkedIn say are most commonly shared on the platform – company culture, products and services, company events and news.  This could extend to things like coverage of an industry event, telling the story of a case study or even highlight a cause you are passionate about.  Plus don’t forget, you can still have a little bit of fun, even if LinkedIn is the ‘serious’ one!

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