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Written by Angela Tempest

January 11, 2019

One of the things we all wonder as bloggers and online business owners is what does Google really want and how can we master Google SEO?  And while they aren’t going to tell us every little fact about how they rank our sites, the latest article on Search Engine Journal gives some good insight into ranking on Google – according to Google itself.

Google’s websites

It is easy to forget that as well as being a search engine, Google also owns some 7000 websites of their own.  And these sites have to go for search engine rankings just the same as the rest of us – Google can’t prioritise its own websites unfairly.  This means that Google sites have to put into action the latest SEO advice and take their chances on the search engine results page.

The little changes

One of the big takeaways from the chat with Google is that the little changes can make a big difference.  One example was from their My Business site:

  • “The Google My Business marketing site, for example, saw a near 2X increase in organic traffic,1 partly because the team implemented a number of web fundamental best practices, such as showing search engines what URLs to index by implementing canonicals.”

Another tip is to not be afraid when something changes, and you get errors – these can be fixed to lead to big increases in traffic.  When Google added AMP to Think with Google, there was one common error but once this was fixed, the impressions to the site increased by 200%.

Consolidating sites

The third one isn’t something many of us will encounter but is worth remembering for the future.  The idea of having a number of small or ‘micro’ sites isn’t a great one – it is better to have one big website containing all of your content and encouraging organic growth to it.  After finding a series of sites that had near identical content and organising them into one, they saw a 64% increase in clicks and 20% growth in new users.

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When Google added AMP to Think with Google, there was one common error but once this was fixed, the impressions to the site increased by 200%.

Master Google SEO

It can be a tricky thing, keeping track of all the elements needed to master Google SEO – even from Google themselves.  But by keeping an eye on the most important areas and making those little changes, we can all start to see more traffic to our website from organic results.

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