Case Study

Pesto & Margaritas Case Study

Pesto & Margaritas is a food and drink blog featuring food recipes, drinks ideas, cocktails and health questions.  It was started in 2014.


How Pinterest Users to this food blog increased 1565% in 6 months

Pesto & Margaritas was a hobby blog, a bit of fun but it had the potential to be a source of income.  To do that it needed to get traffic, but things were pretty stationary.  Something was needed to get the blog to start moving before it had to be abandoned as a project.


Ensuring sustainable growth for the blog


Food blogs are in a hugely competitive niche but one that does well on Pinterest.  The key is to have a combination of good, solid images and a keyword strategy that ensures pins have a good chance of showing up in search.  This needs to be backed by solid on-page SEO for Google to ensure a diverse source of traffic.


The strategy put in place called was to:

To optimise each post to make sure it linked to other posts and the basics of on-page SEO were in place

To create new content for every post to add to Pinterest with keyword rich descriptions

Update and optimise boards on Pinterest to have more places to add content

August Users


January Users


Page views


Page views


Pinterest Users


Pinterest Users


Page views increase


Pinterest user increase



Ongoing growth

Since then, the blog has continued to have a consistent amount of traffic as well as some significant spikes in growth from Pinterest.  This includes one day with 119 clicks in a single day.

The current strategy includes:

  • Writing one new post a week with an optimised Pinterest image pinned immediately
  • Adding 2-3 new pins for older posts each week with different descriptions, images and some different headlines
  • Optimising the account with new boards being created where suitable and named based on Pinterest Topics to help with search appearance
  • The regular daily use of Tailwind Tribes to further increase the spread of the content
  • Pinning on average 25 times a day of other people’s content sourced from Tribes, Group Boards, Following feed and the home feed
  • Joining niche specific and general food topic group boards but monitoring their effectiveness every three months to decide whether to stay in them

The key to the growth with this account has been a combination of good, solid SEO for both Google and Pinterest (because the two do reflect each other as well) and consist pinning of both own and other people’s content.

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