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You can’t use Pinterest for more than five minutes before you run into the concept of group boards.  Read any articles about the site and people will be telling you to join them.  But what are Pinterest group boards and how can them benefit your blog or business?

What are group boards?

As the name suggests, Pinterest group boards are a place where more than one pinner is contributing pins, potentially their own and other people’s.  Group boards can be between two people, feature 200 or 2000 – I’ve not heard about a limit to the number of people who can join.

Each board has a creator, whose ID is the first in the list of people you see when you arrive at the board.  They are the ones to set the rules, usually shown in the board description.  It might be that you can only pin once a day or might be vertical pins only.  It can be as simple or as complex as they want – it is up to them.  Break the rules and they are within their rights to boot you out.

Pinterest group boards

What a group board looks like

2019 note – last year Pinterest did say that they would be reducing the importance of some group boards.  They mentioned large, multi-niche boards that have thousands of contributors, pins and have every topic under the sun covered.  So while these boards might be worth checking as to their effectiveness, they by no means said that group boards were banned.  This means they can still play a part in your strategy.

How to find and join them

So how do you find group boards and go about joining them?  Well, there are a few different ideas and each board owner will have their own system on how you join.  Some might say you have to follow them and send an email with your information.  Others might have a Google Form, a Facebook group to join then request access or any other idea they want.

Search Pinterest

The first way to look for Pinterest group boards is just to search on Pinterest for a keyword topic.  In the drop-down menu at the end you can select Board, and this will bring up boards relevant to your topic.  You can spot a group board as the circle icon in the bottom left corner will have more than one image in it – that’s a group board!

Facebook Groups

You can also find Facebook groups dedicated to Pinterest group boards.  An example I’m a member of the Pinterest Group Boards group where people post boards they are looking for and boards they have open for new members.


Pingroupie was once the go-to place to find group boards but it is no longer updated so the information can be hit and miss.  It’s a free tool so we can’t expect too much but you can check out some boards easily from there.

Find Your Tribe Online

If you are looking to really build your online presence through Facebook and Pinterest, I can definitely recommend Find Your Tribe Online – it is a course offered by Jen Snyder of Women Winning Online and contains tons of information.  It also contains an updated list of Facebook Groups and Pinterest Group boards for different niches to help cut down time on your search.

If you want to check it out, I’d love it if you would and here’s my affiliate link just in case!

What to consider when searching

When you start looking into group boards you will realise that not all are equal – some are more beneficial than others.  But how do you know which is which?

  • Relevance – first thing to consider is if the board is relevant to your content. If it isn’t then there’s a chance your pins won’t get repinned and you won’t find anything to pin yourself (often a condition of joining a board)
  • New recommendations – smaller, niche boards seem to be the best option than those bigger, mixed niche boards
  • Number of pinners – too many pinners can make things chaotic while too small a number means nothing much is happening, or it is all one person’s content so look for a middle ground
  • How active is the board – Tailwind is a great place to check this and see the Virality score and also how many pins have been added in the last 7 days. If the board has 10,000 pins but there have only been 10 added in a week then it isn’t very active, and you might want to leave again
  • What are the rules – can you comply with the rules, such as repinning a specific number of times or only pinning a certain type of content?
  • Is there a lot of rubbish on it – sorry but there’s some crap out there on Pinterest and if a board is full of headline-less, horizontal images then it isn’t worth your time

Sadly, a lot of the time you only find out these things once you have joined.  But don’t worry, it is easy to leave again.  Simply hit the pen icon and then the ‘leave’ option next to your name.  Bye, bye board!

5 reasons to join group boards

So, the whole Pinterest group boards thing might seem a little complicated and is it really worth your time?  Here’s 5 reasons to join and use group boards from my experience

1.       Source of quality pins

Finding quality pins to fill your schedule can be trying and you can spend hours searching.  By joining quality group boards, you can easily have a source of quality pins that are relevant to your niche and are easily grouped in one place

2.      Gets your pins in front of a niche audience

You want people to see your stuff that are interested in it.  And while the Smart Feed does a good job, group boards are an easy way to do this.  Because the other pinners on the board are interested in the same topics you are!

3.       Increases your Pinterest profile as more repins (authority)

We’ve talked before about how the more repins you get, the more authority you build with Pinterest and the more times it shows your content to others.  Well, group boards contribute to that and help boost your profile status.

4.      Helps you connect with others in your niche

Group boards can be a good way to connect with others in your niche to explore guest blogging and other opportunities.  It also helps you build your authority on the topic.

5.      Ready supply of inspiration for your own blog topics

If you need some inspiration or research for a topic, then a group board is a great place to go.  You can easily find ideas, see how has written what on a topic and even connect with others to quote and source in your piece.

Grab those group boards

To me, there’s no reason not to be in Pinterest group boards.  There are lots of benefits including those listed here and not too many downsides.  Just monitor them (I use a spreadsheet in Airtable to add weekly stats and see what’s happening) and don’t be afraid to leave if you find they aren’t working for you.

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