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Pinterest Manager services to save you time and grow your Pinterest presenceWant the benefits of Pinterest but don’t have time?  Or simply not sure where to start?  I can help!
If you have a blog and you want to make it into something serious, maybe even a full-time source of income then you need to promote it and drive traffic to it.  Or maybe you are running a business and you want to promote it online.  What is one of the best ways to do this?  Pinterest!Pinterest is a visual search engine and this means it works on things like keywords, just like Google does for your blog posts.  It has a Smart Feed that decides who sees your Pins.  And it suggests your account to people who share your interests or search for the words in your well written Pins.As a blogger, I’ve seen the importance of Pinterest – it is the top social traffic source for my blogs and that usually means it is one of the top sources of traffic.  But there’s a bit of tactic involved with Pinterest – you just can’t pin a stack of stuff and start getting results.If you want to get the benefits of Pinterest for your blog or business but don’t have the time, the interest or both to do it yourself, then I’m here to help.  I offer a range of services based around the most important areas of Pinterest and the things that I’ve noticed myself have made a difference.

Quick Fix Services

Quick account assessment

Up to 5 ideas to help you improve your Pinterest account$50

Create a pinning strategy

Set up Tailwind for a basic pinning schedule to help you spread your Pins$75

Make your boards search friendly

Edit 20 board descriptions to ensure keyword rich descriptions$100

Set up Tailwind Tribes

Apply to up to 5 Tribes in your niche (no guarantee about acceptance!)$25

Fix your boards

Edit 10 boards to remove any low quality or irrelevant content$75

Create extra pins and descriptions

Create keyword rich descriptions for up to 30 pins$125

Apply to group boards

Apply to 5 relevant group boards (no guarantee about acceptance!)$25

Create some new boards

Create 5 new boards with 20 quality pins$75

Schedule your weekly posts

Schedule 100 pins a week mostly other peoples and some of your own$125
Quick Fix Service

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Angela was a huge help to me on my Pinterest Account! She showed me how to use keywords properly in my pin descriptions and on my boards. She even gave me examples of descriptions I could use, with suggested keywords already in them. She also helped me learn how to break my bigger boards into smaller boards. Brenda Melendez

Owner, Brenda Loves Sharing

Angela is amazing! Prior to working with Angela, I was pinning left right and centre with no strategy and NO results. Not only did she audit my account and help me set it properly. She also advised the best pinning strategies to help my Pinterest grow by 100%, including keywords & SEO Strategies and board optimisation. Oh and not worry if none of that makes any sense to you. It didn’t to me before Angela helped me to Pin with intention. Robyn O'Brien

Owner, Robyn O'Brien Photography

I am going through a rebranding of my business and wanted to tidy up my social media. Before now I had adopted the approach of pin on mass and knew that my boards where a complete mess. I was all set to start a new account but would lose my current audience and stats which I didn’t want to do. I asked for help and Angela was highly recommended to me. Angela looked over my account and came back to me with very clear concise instructions for fixing my account. She was extremely helpful and answered all my questions and I would completely recommend her to anyone needing help with their Pinterest accounts. Lizzie Emery

Owner, Lizzillusions

Don’t keep struggling with Pinterest – I’m here to help!

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