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Pinterest’s Seasonal Insight Guide Helps Pinners Plan 2019

Written by Angela Tempest

January 3, 2019

Pinterest has released a new Seasonal Insights guide that helps users to plan what they want to create for the site in 2019 and to find the best opportunities.  The new guide is filled with interesting stats and also seasonal activity to help you make the most of when people are using the site.

Seasonal Insights

One interesting element of the guide is the pattern of Pinner’s behaviour around a range of big events.  For example, Easter starts in January with a peak that goes through until late April and tails off for the rest of the year.  Similarly, Halloween starts in June and continues through until early November.  And it shows that Christmas starts in June and continues on until New Year.

There are also some interesting facts that showcase why more brands than ever are turning to the visual search engine to market their products and services.  These include:

  • 77% of weekly Pinners have found a new brand or product on the site
  • 98% of users report trying new things they find on Pinterest
  • 82% of weekly Pinners buy something based on content they found on Pinterest

Trends at a glance

The guide is also useful to give you ideas and inspiration if you are planning your marketing strategy for the year and want to look at when you should create what content.  For New Year, for example, they state that people come to try new things, to look at ideas for their New Year resolutions – this can be anything from an eating approach to a new hairstyle.  Budgeting and planning are also big in the new year.

Valentine’s Day may be the holiday of love, but Pinterest shows that there is also a lot of people choosing to pamper themselves around this time.  With 78 million searches each year, Valentine’s Day starts in January and people look for things like recipes to make their loved one, romantic movie nights but also things for singles to do too.

The guide gives tips, keywords and figures on all the main US holidays and even includes spots to help plan your promoted pin campaigns.  It also has information on major themes on the platform such as new baby, retirement, new home and the wedding season.

Pinterest seasonal insights guide - use it to fill your planner with marketing ideas

Pin for later!

82% of weekly Pinners buy something based on content they found on Pinterest

Steady growth

Pinterest may not get as much attention as other sites like Facebook or Instagram but there’s no doubt it is the place to be.  In fact, Pinterest is growing at a faster rate than Snapchat, Twitter and a load of the other social media sites.  And while it may not have the size of Facebook or Instagram, it is used very differently – most importantly as somewhere to find things to do and buy.  And as small business owners, this makes it a crucial part of any marketing strategy!

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