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Not getting the sponsorship opportunities you’re hoping for? Your biggest barrier to success could also be the key to unlocking more than you ever dreamed possible.

When you are trying to lock down your next (or even your first) sponsorship for your blog you often have to communicate directly with the company or companies that you hope will invest in you. What are these initial interactions? PITCHES!

This article will quickly outline what a pitch is and why it is important to your blogging career.

What is a Pitch?

That’s what you’re all wondering, isn’t it? Some of you may not be familiar with the term “pitch” at all (outside of baseball), while others may have seen people pitch potential business ideas to investors on television shows like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank.

“But how does this apply to me as a blogger?!”

The Basic Definition of a Pitch

Among the many definitions of “pitch” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “to attempt to persuade.”

More specifically, they define a sales pitch as “a speech that is given in order to persuade someone to buy something.”

Essentially, a pitch is a creative and persuasive proposal in which you offer something of value to the receiver in exchange for something else (money, work, et cetera).

Pitching Your Way to Ultimate Success

The Pitching Equation

As a freelancer, I like to think about pitching as an equation. It helps me differentiate my pitches from other interactions I have with clients. Every time that I think of speaking with a client I ask myself if I will be using the following formula. If my answer is “yes,” I know I need to apply the principles of a successful pitch in order to maximize my chances of success.

So, what is the pitching equation?


How Can Bloggers Use Pitches to Boost their Profits?

Every time you apply for a sponsorship opportunity you are actually pitching yourself to that company. You’re saying, PICK ME, PICK ME!


But why should they pick you? What makes you better than the hundreds (or maybe thousands) of other bloggers who are reaching out to them? Answering these questions in your pitch is THE essential part of your communication.

But, convincing them comes down to more than just telling them what’s so awesome about you and your blog. It’s also about your overall approach, the way you structure your communication, and showing that you understand their needs.

If you take only one thing away from this post, let it be this: Your pitch needs to focus on your unique ability to fulfill the company’s needs.

Your Unique Ability

As I’ve stated, there are hundreds or thousands of other bloggers all vying for the same sponsorship opportunities. It won’t be enough to simply state your blog stats and hope for the best. You’ll have to explain what makes you different – what makes you unique.

Of all the hundreds or thousands of other applicants, what makes you, your brand, your blog, your readers, and your approach to marketing uniquely matched to this company’s goals, culture, and brand.

The Company’s Needs

What are the company’s needs? It may seem obvious – they need to sell more products or services and, thus, need a blogger to share those products and services. There’s more to it than that, though.

Ask yourself about the company’s goals and how blog marketing works into those goals. Instead of pitching yourself simply as someone who will help them generate more sales, talk about how you will reach their target audience and spread a message similar to their own mission statement.

Harness the Pitch

Ready to take your pitching to the next level? Check out my new book “The Quick Guide to Writing Kick-Ass Pitches and Winning Bids.” It’s absolutely free and will outline 5 clear steps to building an effective pitch.

Though the book is written primarily for freelancers you will find that the essential steps can easily be applied to your blog sponsorship pitches.