Know someone who needs help with blog content or Pinterest?

Why not earn yourself some extra cash with my referral program?


Earn 10% for every referral

Make yourself some cash every time you refer someone to me and they take any of my Pinterest Management or Content Marketing services


No limit to the number of times you can refer

 Payment is for the first service that someone takes from me but there are no limits as to how many people you can refer

Terms and conditions – Referral Program

Referrer – someone who refers a person to SVS

Referee – the person who buys a service on the basis of recommendation from referrer

The idea of this scheme is to say thank you to referrers for sending people to Skylark Virtual Services.  You can recommend friends, family and business contacts and there is no limit to the number of pay-outs you can receive.

These terms lay out the basics of the program and can be changed at any time at my discretion and without notice to anyone.  By participating in the program, you accept these terms.

How it works

You know someone who wants a Pinterest service and you give them my information – this might be the website address, Facebook page or even my email address.  Or you have a friend who needs content for their business blog.  They get in touch, we chat, and they decide on a service.

When that service is complete, and the account settled in full, the referrer will be entitled to 10% of the total price.  So, if the referee took a $200 service, the referrer would get $20.  This payment is only for the first service that the referee takes or if they take a monthly subscription, the referrer will only receive a payment for the first month’s subscription.

The referee needs to tell me who referred them, whether in their contact form, questionnaire, by email or instant message.  This is so I can credit the referral and arrange payment.

Once the deposit has been paid, I will contact the referrer to let them know that they are going to be due a payment once the service is finished.  I will need an email address or Facebook profile to do this.

Payment is made once the service is completed and the balance of the payment has been made.  Payments are made by PayPal, so I will need the referrer’s PayPal address to send this payment.  Optionally, if you need Pinterest services yourself, you can use this 10% credit against the cost of any services you need.

Further referrals

Referrers only receive a referral payment for the first service or first month that a person takes with SVS.  However, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer and receive the payment.  So, if you know 10 people who want help, you can get a 10% payment for each of them that takes any service through me.


If you want to know more about the program or have any queries, you can contact me at:

Angela Tempest

Proprietor, Skylark Virtual Services

[email protected]

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