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8 Simple Phrases to Help Your Sales Page Copywriting

Written by Angela Tempest

January 24, 2019

I’ve always considered myself a blog writer, rather than a sales copywriter.  And a lot of bloggers out there will probably say something similar.  But the fact is that we often need that sales page copywriting ability – from opt-in freebies to pages selling our digital products, sales writing is at the core.  So if you (like me) want to brush up on your sales page copywriting, here are 8 simple phrases that Social Media Examiner has found will sell.

Talk about your problems

At the heart of sales page copy is the idea that you are solving people’s problems.  Not in a pushy, salesy way but in a ‘here’s the information that I think you need but you get to decide’ way.  Or at least, that’s how I approach it.  I’m not anti-sales but I am anti-pushy, hardcore sales.  Fourteen years in insurance will do that to you.

But the truth is, you need to show people that what you have will solve their problems if you are going to get them to buy.  And sometimes that involves painting the picture of what the problem is before demonstrating your solution.  That’s where your sales page copywriting comes in.

8 simple phrases to talk about problems

So let’s get into these phrases that SME have found to be so effective at demonstrating those problems and answering them.


If you have this problem, then here’s my solution for you.  Simple and to the point this shows that you can see what’s wrong and offer what you have to solve it.  Their study took it further to say you can also string a few ‘if’ statements together – “if you have this and if you suffer from that and if you are having problems with this other then here’s the solution.”

If you don’t do something, it gets worse

This one highlights the bury your head in the sand approach to a problem.  It doesn’t work.  So you hate Pinterest and you don’t know what to do with it.  If you don’t learn the basics, you will never get the traffic you need to qualify for that ad network.  This phrase highlights the consequence of not doing something which may be as simple as nothing will change but the fact people are researching this problem means that isn’t what they want.

What most people do

This phrase highlights the current approach to things that most people take then goes on to offer guidance on how to do more, do it better or do it differently.  And it helps the person feel that standing out from the crowd is okay.


One little word, lots of power.  Imagine if you had 500K pageviews a month and you were regularly selling your courses.  Imagine if you had enough money coming in from your services that your partner could cut their hours.  Paint the picture of what could happen then give concrete examples of how your service or product can help with this.

If the only thing you get is

This one strikes me as being really ideal if you have a bundle of products or a set of services into a package.  Imagine if the only thing you get is my Tailwind set up service where I completely organise your account and get it running smoothly.  But you also get Smart Loop set up and my Tailwind walk thought to help you use it afterwards.  So you show them that the benefit is on one element of the package or deal and then add the value of the rest on top.

Don’t let this happen to you

I’m not a huge fan of scaring people unless it is things that I know will lead them into big problems (like using unapproved Pinterest schedulers!)  But this approach can work in the right situations where what you offer can really stop something bad happening to them.  A backup plugin or security feature might be a good example for me.

What if…

What ifs can be good and bad but when we are talking sales page copywriting, they are used to paint a picture.  What if you were the next ‘insert big blogger here’?  It works a bit like imagine.

You are at a crossroads

There are a few versions of this one, but they all look at the two choices point.  You can do nothing, and nothing changes, or you can do this thing, and this is your potential result.  It helps painting that picture for what you will achieve – just make sure it is an accurate one!

Pin for later!

At the heart of sales page copy is the idea that you are solving people’s problems. 

Respond to those pain points

When we read about responding to people’s pain points in sales page copywriting, it can sound a little cheesy.  But it is a valid approach and we have all read it and probably bought something due to it.  The key is to real, genuine and knows that your product or service answers their pain point, then you can be confident in your sales copy!

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