Increase your Pinterest traffic by 1565%

Get consistent traffic from your Pinterest account and grow your online business (without spending all of your time on Pinterest)

Are you sick of spending loads of time on Pinterest and seeing only patchy results?

Do you feel like you spend loads of time on Pinterest but aren’t confident in what you are doing?

Are you pinning for pinning’s sake with no strategy behind it?

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Where to start building your Pinterest account
  • What areas you should spend your time on
  • How to cut down the amount of time it takes to schedule pins
  • How to track what you have done (and what you should do)
  • A simple way to create a Pinterest strategy that will get you traffic

This book is for you if:

You have your Pinterest account but you aren’t quite sure where to go next

You’ve done the beginners, 101, start up courses and they were great – but you are a bit stuck where to go now

You are spending far too much time on Pinterest (and not always for business!) without starting to see some results

You aren’t getting everything done that you want because you are spending too much time on Pinterest

You feel like you are doing all sorts of things but you don’t know if they are the right ones

Because you NEED Pinterest!

Pinterest is the top or second-top source of traffic for most websites that use it properly

People go to Pinterest for answers to questions, solutions to problems and to shop

Making the most of Pinterest can make the difference between selling your products or not, getting leads for your services or not or selling affiliate products or not

Want an example?

In three months, Pesto & Margaritas increased page views by 1565%!  How?  By combining a few basic SEO practices such as internal linking with a Pinterest strategy.  It meant making new pins, regularly pinning other people’s stuff and making lots of new boards.  In other words, just what this eBook teaches you!

What you get:

  • 63 page eBook in easy PDF format to download or read on your smartphone
  • 4 tracking sheets to help you work on your strategy and keep track of your Pins
  • BONUS – 3 how to videos to help you make the most Tailwind and save the most possible time

Plus extra new bonus!

  • Workbook and how to video – How to Use Free Tools & Pinterest to do Keyword Research
  • Find out how to get the right keywords for your blog posts that will also have a better chance of ranking on Pinterest
  • Be strategic about your content creation to get traffic from search engines and Pinterest!

What people are saying

I just finished reading your book…I took a number of notes so THANK YOU!!!! My Pinterest account is a hot mess right now and I know I could be using it to meet potential customers and start “getting out there” but was just lost as to what to do.
Now I have a doable, simple strategy! You gave great advice about how much and when to pin, and made me envision Pinterest as a valuable resource for my OWN potential customers to find what I have to say.
In the past, I just thought of Pinterest as a place to pin neat stuff I liked that OTHER people were pinning and had NO idea how I might use it for my business. Your book even helped me understand key words and gave great advice as to how to name my boards so they will show up in relevant searches.
I now know how I can organize my boards, create groups of similar boards and keep everything neat and tidy while also being easy to navigate for people who come to view my boards. The tracking information and documents will come in handy as well.
So I will be doing a lot of Pinterest housekeeping in the next few weeks. THANK YOU!!!!


Owner,, Barefoot Jewel

I love the e-book. You have been so helpful to me in getting my Pinterest where it is today, and I am looking forward to implementing more of your ideas and tips. This is an awesome book both for beginners and for the more experienced users. I have jotted down “to-dos” as well as more research that I must do to get my Pinterest site on task. I am in awe of Angela’s ability to help others and how encouraging she is to everyone. She also reminds us that something new is always coming. I would have given up long ago without Angela’s support on her Facebook page and now in her book. It is a must have in my collection and I encourage everyone to get their copy now if you want tell-it-like-it-is Pinterest guide. Thank you Angela Tempest you are a ray of sunshine and hope in an often challenging world of a newbie. Now, to work, as I am sure Angela has more to share. Hugs.

Rita Boyle Mielke

Owner, Ceremonies to Love

Angela’s So you’ve got Pinterest – Now what ebook is exactly what I needed. Not only is it simple and easy to digest, it’s a life saver with the exact steps to grow my Pinterest account to 122 followers and 1000+ page views within 90 days. Thank you so much. I love following your simple Pinterest strategy.


Owner, Robyn O'Brien Photography

So you’ve got Pinterest now what? This book is jam packed full of useful information. Highly recommend it. IF you are confused at all on your pinterest this! Tailwind and spread sheets are mentioned.. it’s so good! I could not put this down, IF you love Pinterest and are struggling give it up for Angela Tempest her experience is amazing. She has awesome tips and I have used her suggestions in the past, They work! You will not be disappointed with this book!


Owner, Happy Mommy Tired Mommy

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