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Twitter Marketing Calendar is Released to Make the Most of Your Tweets

Written by Angela Tempest

January 18, 2019

Hot on the heels of the Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide, Twitter has released their own version of a marketing calendar to help users make the most of their tweets.  The Twitter Marketing Calendar is available in a US, UK and Ireland and Middle Eastern version, highlighting holidays and events for these regions.

Twitter marketing calendar

The calendar is worth grabbing in a few different versions if you market to different areas as there’s location specific content on each.  Things like National Pizza Day on February 9th features on the US calendar but not on the UK one – and last year there were 34 million tweets around it.  But those fun social media holidays can be a great way to get engagement and jump in on popular hashtags.

There are also plenty of events ranging from sports events to fashion weeks around the world, the Academy Awards and more well known holidays like Valentine’s Day, St Patricks Day and Easter.

Find the right holiday

The calendars also include some interesting figures around the holidays.  For example, it shows that National Sibling Day in the US saw some 10 million tweet impressions while the Boston Marathon saw 73 million tweet impressions.  These are ideal ways to find topics your audience might be talking about and get involved with the conversation.

It also shows the length of festivals and events on the calendar such as the London Fashion Week from 16th February until 20th February.  Events are coloured coded into purple for entertainment, pink for sports, green for holidays and orange for the rest.  And there is even a notes section so you can print the calendar and keep it handy with your Pinterest guide.

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National Sibling Day in the US saw some 10 million tweet impressions while the Boston Marathon saw 73 million tweet impressions

Fun and helpful

Holidays, real and social media style, can be a good source of inspiration and calendar’s like the Twitter marketing calendar let you batch your social media ahead of time and make sure you are sending content when it matters.  They can even be the inspiration for blog post topics too!

Grab yours here –

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